Monday, 2 September 2013

New Ban list, New Life ?

New Ban list , New life ?
(Nah.... I just don't think so...)

Left out of YGO for months, don't think i can catch up much...
Well Uni life does make people starting busy and forget about many things quite quickly...
Especially games that consume a lot of thinking and time...

Well looking to the new ban list make me feel like.... hmm... going have a new begin ? Nope... Just will continue updating(hope so) and play casually(if got time for it)...

Current meta still not stable around as Malaysia meta game still surrounded by "haze", well in reality Malaysia does have haze problem current.

For me, I will pick Fiendish Chain as my staple if i going to play...
Because obviously it does a great job in current meta, it stop many decks play as well...
So why not left some place for this devil. Especially for those heavy back row deck.

This card does a lot of wonder itself, its good again Evilswarm Ophion, for me as it always do me a favor in stopping it. Well, actually its good against most of the deck in current meta (Genex Mermail, Dragon Ruler variant, Evilswarm, and etc.) just like i said before. However, try to use it wisely and it will gain you advantage while stalling your opponent.

That all for today, sorry for no posting and probably will continue like that for few months i think...
Well Uni life does busy...

Thanks for the reading in case you really read about it.

The image of Fiendish Chain in case you don't know about it

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

1 Years Old~

Yup... Happy birthday to my own blog. Without notice about it, its been 1 years old for my blog.
Well, feel pretty guilty as making it death for half year back then.

Well, the list for GS 2014 is out. So, at least this is my birthday present for my blog ( LOL~)

GS05-JP001 Reflect Bounder
GS05-JP002 Nimble Momonga
GS05-JP003 Tsukuyomi
GS05-JP004 The Tricky
GS05-JP005 Granmag the Rock Monarch
GS05-JP006 Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest
GS05-JP007 Elemental HERO Stratos
GS05-JP008 Effect Veiler
GS05-JP009 Black Rose Dragon
GS05-JP010 Naturia Beast
GS05-JP011 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu
GS05-JP012 Lavalval Chain
GS05-JP013 Mind Control
GS05-JP014 Mage Power
GS05-JP015 Magical Dimension
GS05-JP016 Level Limit - Area B
GS05-JP017 Forbidden Chalice
GS05-JP018 Macro Cosmos
GS05-JP019 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
GS05-JP020 Solemn Warning

Well, no Maxx C. So, wait for next year ( I think )

Konami : "Wait more one year ya~ guysss"

Overall, is quite good. Not gonna comment whether it is the best Gold Series or not.
But, may be good for budget players for getting staple cards.

That all for today, gonna keep on my study for the final.
Bye all =)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Year... New Hope...

First of all Happy New Year to all of you (quite late, I thought)

The start of 2013, mean that our world still not yet end... (thanks to 2012 prediction)
Well, life goes on...

I'm having final for my Uni for these few weeks, mean no blogging for awhile...

Well, straight to the topic... Yes, New year mean New Hope. Why?
Easy, because the gold series 2013 is around the corner... (for OCG players)

GS05-JP002 Nimble Momonga
GS05-JP003 Tsukuyomi
GS05-JP007 Elemental HERO Stratos
GS05-JP008 Effect Veiler
GS05-JP009 Black Rose Dragon
GS05-JP010 Naturia Beast
GS05-JP011 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu
GS05-JP012 Lavalval Chain
GS05-JP013 Mind Control
GS05-JP014 Mage Power
GS05-JP017 Forbidden Chalice
GS05-JP018 Macro Cosmos
GS05-JP019 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
GS05-JP020 Solemn Warning

From viewing the latest list, this time Konami did make some good job for budget players.
As, quite a lot useful staples get reprinted. For example like, solemn warning, effect veiler, and some others...

So, what the hope about ? Well, we do hope maxx C get reprinted right ?
As the list still have some empty places left... mean "hope" still around... hahaha ^^

However, even maxx C get reprinted... It doesn't help much...
This is quite obvious as the rising of Verz and Constellar deck, which doesn't do much with swarming the field with lots of SS monsters. Thus, looks like Maxx C quite useless if dueling with them...

Does this mean that current META (Malaysia) is shifting to more balanced beat and grind formats ?

It is still a guess for now. Will start posting after my final, stay tuned.
Thanks for drop by.

Sunday, 30 December 2012


Hell ya, today is Dueling Nexus Year end tourney.
Well, after being left out for the game for almost half year. Finally, have chance to go back to the good old days~ Dueling with all the old friends there, really having a lots of fun today.

Lets get to the report.

The tourney is basically what I have mentioned in the last post,
Elimination for 1st round, then swiss for 4.

Deck used : Geargia Karakuri (same built as my last post)

1st round
Vs Wind-Up

Round 1: OTK him 2nd turn with 2 Burei + Bureido + Geargigant X + Karakuri watchdog
Round 2 : Stall for abt 4 turns, finish him up with the Geargia karakuri combo as 1st round.

Result : OO-

After the match i like phew~ finally can get to the swiss game. May be have some hope to squeeze in top 8, as the prize will be enough for me for top 8.

Yet, what happen after an hour.....

Our boss Dicky, speak out loudly no more swiss round straight elimination for the rest of the game...
Then, we all like WTF ~~~~~
(Well, this kind of situation happened, we need to thanks to the two mermail guys, which play for 1 hour for the 1st round, making our boss Dicky quite emo~ Hence, he just announce, we going to have elimination game onwards. All of us just like, whattttt ~~~~ tf )

Well, life goes on as our boss on fire...

2nd Round
Vs Wind-Up (again ==")

Round 1: He quite bad hands, so just do the burei + bureido rush and ended it up quite fast
Round 2: My turn bad hand, with all green ==" I like, I'm not a vege la~
Round 3: Manage to stall for few turns, but after he topping storm, cleared out my back rows, then he just do the magician+shark combo and rush for the game.

Result : OXX

Well, shake my hands with opponents, took my pack and just hang around to watch others match for the rest of the day.

For top 8:
There are left
4 Verz rabbit
2 Wind-Up
1 Masked Hero
1 Rabbit Lagia

For top 4 :
Andrew (Verz rabbit)
Melvin (Verz rabbit)
Heng Johnson (Masked Hero)
Sharmir (Wind-Up)

While the final ended up with
Heng Johson (Masked Hero) Vs Melvin (Verz rabbit)

And the game ended up with the destiny draw of Heng Johson,
Exceed out the MVP card of him, HC excalibur to hit for the game.
He really make Heroes head held high as he has been topping quite lots of the tourney with his heroes. His luck just unlimited, always let him top draw like god~
Beating all the Verz deck to the final like just LOL~

Below are some Pic of the day.

Top 4
Melvin (Verz rabbit) Vs Sharmir (Wind-Up)
Before the game start.
About 38+ players from all around Malaysia

Top 4
Heng Johson (Hero) Vs Andrew (Verz rabbit)


Melvin (Verz rabbit) Vs Heng Johnson (Hero)

Well that all for today, thanks for viewing.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

I'm back~ ( I think so )

Finally, i have some time left for my long forgotten game - YGO

Yes, I'm gonna take part in tomorrow competition which will held at Dueling Nexus, where I have not going for months and finally I have time to look back all those memories I have at there again.

Although for now is my study week, but who care it. I'm need some time for my own relaxation now.
Well, YGO will be my choice for the relaxation.

Being out for months, thus, a lot of hard works need to be done for tomorrow competition. As the tourney is elimination format, which mean do or die mission (well i always die to elimination tourney, hope tomorrow will be my day, i guess).

For what I have heard recently, YGO is quite balance for now, every decks have their potential to be top ( if not mistaken).

Well, enough for the bla bla bla....

I'm gonna take my new build to the new era tomorrow
( unfortunately is the last game for the year LOL~ )

For you all know, I'm a die hard machine fans. So, Geargia Karakuri will bee my choice.
Below will be my builds for tomorrow, i guess.

Its just a simple build, I think its simply same to all Geargia Karakuri.
Have deck test for few round just now. Find out it quite have the potential to move to top, as the deck quite autopilot itself. Just some simple move, you will gain a lot of advantage when the flow run.

For example,
With Karakuri Strategist mdl 248 "Nishipachi and Geargiarmor at your hand.

1. Set Geargiarmor.
2. If nothing happen to it, flip it in turn 2. Search for Geargiaccelerator.
3. Set Geargiarmor back, normal summon Karakuri Strategist , flip Geargiarmor  with Strategist effect. Search for another Geargiaccelerator.
4. SS 2 copy of Geargiaccelerator from your hand.
5. Synchro summon Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 "Burei with strategist + geargiarmor
6. SS Karakuri Watchdog with Burei effect.
7. Synchro Watchdog + geargiaccelator for Karakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00X "Bureido.
8. Get back armor from accelator eff.
9. SS 2nd Strategist from deck with Bureido eff.
10. Draw 1 card from Bureido eff with changing strategist position with it eff.
11. SS 2nd Burei with accelelator + strategist.
12. SS any karakuri monster u like and hit for the game.

Well, doesn't it look fantastic. Its just one of the combo i have try out.
Still lots can be done. As long as your armor get lively.

Still deck test for now, hope will get the most balance build.
Lets see what can I do tomorrow.
Do hope that can squeeze into top 8.

So, stay tune for the next post. Probably will be posting about the tourney.
Thanks for reading.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Short Post

Congratulation to Sung Lee as the champion for WCQ 2012 in Malaysia.
Looks like Chaos Dragon have make it clear that this year is the Dragon Year.
And also gratz to Weng Fong for gaining the 2nd place. Well looks like our Penang player not bad at all.
Keep on your work man !!

Well, for me I'm stuck with my Uni Final, no YGO for the moment. LOL~
This blog will be death few more weeks... ( I think)
Will update soon, after my final and my Uni activities.